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Traffic Exchanges

Surfing traffic exchanges allows people to generate hits to their websites. What happens is you agree to view another members sites and in turn members view your site.

The response to your offer will depend on what the offer is about. It is a numbers game, no doubt, because everyone in the traffic exchange is there for the same reason. to sell you an opportunity of product. what happens most of the time is you will spend your time surfing and when all is said and done, you will have almost no signups to your program. It is not necessarily that your program is not any good. It is just the the traffic generated is not targeted for your particular business or product. again it is a numbers game. the more hits you get to your website means the more purchases or signups you get for your product or business opportunity.

The Question is not whether or not to use a traffic exchange, but how to get the amount of traffic needed to view your site before you get an action.

There are 3 ways to get hits to your account at a traffic exchange.

  1. Buy Hits
  2. Generate Traffic Yourself by surfing the traffic exchange
  3. Get referrals, you get a portion of the traffic generated by your referrals

I will not really cover the aspects of purchasing hits since I do not ever actually purchase any hit myself, because it is too easy to get hit using the other two methods.

Generating Hits can be multiplied by surfing traffic exchanges in multiple tabs as Show in this blog post.

Getting Referrals is easier when you use a downline builder such as the one we use here at businessopportunitycoop.

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