Writing a Press Release to Announce Your Business Opportunity

When Starting a Business Opportunity you should announce your new venture by doing a press release, actually you should do several press releases.

Press Releases are a great way of advertising your business opportunity, however the press release should not be written like an ad. The press release should be written in the third person. If you find it hard to start, get someone to interview you about your business opportunity and this may make it easier for you.

There are several places to submit your press release, simply do a google search and you will find several free and paid sites for you to submit your press release.

The first benefit of the press release is to get traffic to your business opportunity site. There will be people that will read your press release and be interested in what you are doing, if it is written well.

The second benefit is that you get to link to your business opportunity website, which the search engines will see and give you some links pointing to your website.

The third benefit, although this will not necessarily happen, is that it is possible that someone in the media, be it tv or print may pick up your press release and find it of interest, and help you with your business by distributing it through syndication.

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